Season Format



Saturday Single Day Events

All events/divisions (including Supergroms) will run solely on Saturdays, with Saturday afternoon/evening presentation nights. This is so all members can enjoy presentation nights together as one club.

Multiple Division entry for all

Both over 18 and under 18 surfers can enter multiple divisions.

If you’re a Supergrom surfer, entries may be limited given the nature of the senior divisions, e.g. a 12 year old entering open mens may be withdrawn at the Club Captains discretion if skill level is not deemed competent or safe given the location, wave conditions or number of entrants.

If there are scheduling or timing issues, the Club Captain will withdraw surfers at their discretion to ensure the competition days finish at a reasonable time.

Online Event Registration

Event registration for all events via Liveheats (, will open at least 5 days before the event and close each Wednesday 9pm before the Saturday, no excuses for late registrations.


Australian Boardriders Battle

PIBC team competing in Australian Boardriders Battle qualifying and final will be at discretion of Club Captain (unless a ‘Team Manager/Coachʼ is selected specifically by committee). This team will be decided solely on putting together the strongest team we can field with no bearings on Club results.


*PIBC committee reserves the right to hold off allocating the Bells wildcard position, or any other wildcard position awarded to the Club, as it is possible that Club Champions or other surfers will be granted entry into Trials or events through Surfing Vic or other avenues, meaning PIBC will give club position or wildcard to another Club member to maximise PIBC members competing in Trials or events.